Research Paper Source Evaluation 2


(Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange)

My second source is a book checked out from Alderman Library titled “Dust Bowl Migrants in the American Imagination,” by Charles J. Shindo. This book is a helpful source because it looks more in depth at the dust bowl and a little bit into the time period of the Great Depression. One disadvantage to this source is that it is more specifically about people’s perception of the migrant workers of the dust bowl, and less about the dust bowl as a whole, but it will give me at least some helpful facts about the migration, which is important to my topic. The book spends a lot of time discussing and analyzing the hardworking small farm farmers who became “dust bowl refugees” after the larger landowners and corporations over plowed the land (p.38). These families were forced to pack up their belongings and migrate west in search of jobs. It also discusses the role of photographers and journalists who documented the journeys of these migrants, and how they helped to promote government resettlement and relief programs throughout the regions of the country that had been most affected by the disaster (p. 48). A large portion of this book is dedicated to analyzing how other people treated the migrants of the dust bowl, and how they were perceived by the nation. The author uses examples of authors, journalists, and photographers who helped to shift the public’s opinions of the refugees, and assist them as they transitioned into new jobs and ways of life.