Research Paper Source Evaluation 3


(The removal of Route 66 signage after it was decommissioned)

For my third source, I used another book I checked out from Alderman Library, titled “Route 66 Still Kicks: Driving America’s Main Street,” by Rick Antonson. This has been the best source I’ve found so far, because it pertains most closely to my topic of Route 66 and the American Dream. The author switches off between using anecdotes and detailed historical facts as he writes about his experience driving all of Route 66, and the facts he includes cover almost all aspects of the history of the road. He includes the history of what Route 66 was before it came to be, how it was created, how it impacted pop culture, and what happened when it was decommissioned. Antonson also includes quotes from Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie, giving more of a perspective of how important Route 66 really was to so many people. The parts of the book that were most helpful to my research were the sections that discussed why Route 66 was so important to Americans, and why it had such a large impact. For my paper, I want to look more in-depth at how Route 66 shaped the American dream. The parts of this book that went into how Americans continued to drive on Route 66 after it was decommissioned were very interesting. The towns and sections of road that were left to decay after the interstate was built show how the American dream has changed along with the road, but the fact that many people still believe that “you haven’t seen America until you’ve driven all of Route 66” shows that it is still an integral part of America.